Audiovisual content and integrated management of brands and IPs

We create audiovisual content and convert IPs into franchises.



We are creators of our own audiovisual content, covering all genres and targets.

We also create audiovisual content for companies and brands (branded content and branded entertainment).

Broad expertise in 360 management* of third-party brands and also of IPs created by writers, producers, scriptwriters or directors.

(*) Publishing, podcasts, gaming & digital, licensing & retail, experiences, music, life entertainment, strategic alliances, marketing & communication.

Strategic consulting and end-to-end project management

More than 30 years of multi-sectoral experience in branding and business consulting. We offer end-to-end solutions: from strategy, to ideation of initiatives and content, or full development of cross-cutting projects.

We humanize brands through relevant and emotionally biding initiatives and content.

Business transformation; innovation; new revenue streams.

Creating value and optimizing results for brands and IPs through a coordinated development of all its commercial derivatives, including third parties agreements (licensing, sponsorships and strategic alliances).

Technology consultancy and development of own and third parties projects

We work with companies to integrate a variety of digital and technological initiatives that enable them to gain visibility and a relevant position.



Solutions for innovative projects based on generative and biometric AI

Alternatives to apply voice technology in products and services to increase their value, as well as in marketing and branding initiatives

Blockchain projects offer transparency, security, and efficiency across multiple industries and global applications

About us

NONDUM LAB is an independent Spanish company. We started our journey in difficult times, at the end of 2019, however our passion for what we do and for a first-class job keep driving us to explore territories not yet conquered (terra nondum cognita).

of Experience



Some of the brands we have worked for

Our projects


Technology. Artificial Intelligence. Variety of applications.

Work in progress

Real Madrid Virtual World

Digital Content

Collaboration on the development of Real Madrid Virtual World app. A new way to connect with fans using virtual reality. Bernabéu stadium, the museum and customized areas for club enthusiasts. Purchase unique assets, play games, watch unpublished historical content, and connect with other fans to enhance a unique Real Madrid experience.


Technology. Artificial Intelligence. Education.

Work in progress

Real Madrid Experience


Proposal to develop a unique experience in Real Madrid Stadium where the physical space becomes a technological environment. Customers have the chance to customize and interact with a wide range of Real Madrid assets creating a unique purchasing experience for the fans. RM Experience represents a step forward in innovation, brand value and new revenue stream.

White Station


Can a gas station become an experience that connects brands with users? White Station is a new way of understanding low-cost gas stations. An innovative concept focus on high profitability by using gas stations as advertising and promotional tools. Space customization to create a unique environment to showcase the brand in a different and immersive way, ensuring long-term impact and visibility.

Pillow Method

Digital content Boys and girls, 2 to 10 years old

Children’s content intended to create good habits related to sleep hygiene. Through beautiful stories, Pillow will help the little ones to face their fears and gain confidence and autonomy.

Pillow’s universe will accompany them to their sweet dreams.

The Pashtun

8 episodes 50 min Political thriller

Afghanistan knows no peace and is bleeding to death. It is a country only for men where the Pashtuns have ruled for generations, implementing their Pashtunwali, a code of life that goes beyond religion.

The jaded American army is in retreat. An obscure character leads the insurgent reconquest. A journalist on her last legs and a disenchanted soldier investigate an attack in a remote village. A terrible truth that will unite their destinies in a spiral of violence, lies and conspiracies.

Could the will and determination of a single woman change the destiny of a country like Afghanistan? What if you uncovered the greatest conspiracy in the history of mankind?


10 episodes 35 min Young thriller

What would you do if you had the power to change the lives of others with a simple click? What if you were given the choice between good or evil? Which path would you choose?

If you’re into young thrillers, with their existential and troubled issues, spiced with sex and even international spy intrigue… this is the series for you.

An incredibly intelligent young girl in the worst high school in New York. A group of misfits selected for an experimental government program that will become embroiled in a plot that may change the fate of their lives and the rest of the world.


12 episodes 35 min Comedy drama

What would you do if love and hope came knocking at your door?

That’s what this family story about the complicated relationship between a nice little girl and her unusual grandfather tells. It is also a powerful lesson in how love and caring can transform people’s lives. Fred has been living for some time in a small village on the Mallorcan coast. A series of problems caused by his unusual lifestyle forced him to leave the city of Berlin. Suddenly, and without any warning, Nitta shows up at the door of his house.

Yowa Sound & Music

13 programs 150-180 min Musical Talent Show

The music to be created, to be seen, to be heard and to be shared.

The Lucid Glance

8 episodes 27 min Docuseries

The Lucid Glance restores the aura of photography as an art form. And, also, it restores that aura to its artists.

A photograph, a genre, the author and a journey to discover the traces of time.


26 episodes 7 min Animation Preschool, 3 to 6 years old

A series of high educational value for parents and educators that, in addition, the little ones will love. Contents supervised by prestigious experts in emotional intelligence.

Steam Room

12 episodes 22 min Edutainment Boys and girls, 8 to 10 years old

STEAM Room is the first children’s television show that promotes STEAM content (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics), transforming an educational and social need into an entertaining television show for the whole family.

The program employs communication codes and content specific to the virtual world to attract an audience increasingly interested in digital media.

Steam Team

26 episodes 2 min Animation Boys and girls, 8 to 10 years old

To change the world, we must first understand how it works. The main characters of Steam Team will embark on a mind-blowing journey to the inside of things to explain concepts about science, technology, engineering, arts or mathematics that seemed complex to us, in a simple and very funny way. Come and explore the world with them.

Kids Brain

26 episodes 7 min Animation Boys and girls, 4 to 8 years old

Can mathematics be taught in a fun way?

Brainy and his friends want to show you that it is possible. With them you will learn the basic mathematical principles in a simple and entertaining way. You will also learn a little bit of history and discover the most famous mathematicians of all times, all through a millenary method in which you can touch the numbers! Do you want to meet them?


6 50 min Entertainment. Interviews.

Come to “travel” on a motorcycle driven by personalities from politics, cinema, music… and get to know their life in depth and his/her most special places.

Singular Chats

Consulting. Technology

Singular Chats is a videochats platform to share content, services, knowledge, experiences… with your audience in a personal and relevant way (one-to-one or one-to-many), generating revenues.


Consulting. Gastronomy, technology and experiential.

World’s first gastronomic performance. A perfect combination of culinary avant-garde and technological innovation. A unique and exclusive immersive experience. A project by the prestigious chef Paco Roncero.


Consulting. Edutainment. Preschool

Analysis and validation of a new strategic project to expand the brand beyond its traditional core business.

Papa’s Pilar

Consulting. Branding. Distribution.

Branding and business consultancy of this US handcraft rum linked to Ernest Hemingway.

Real Madrid Licensing

Consulting. Project management. Sports

Strategic consultancy and full development for Real Madrid licensing business.

Indifferent Minds Foundation

Consulting. Branding. Marketing. Digital. Gifted and talented people Foundation.

We are a collaborating company of Indifferent Minds Foundation. Audiovisual, Marketing and Branding consultancy. Development of digital tools.

Out of the Box

60 min Documentary. Public information and awareness. For any audience

The stereotypes associated with gifted and talented individuals have constructed an unrealistic image of fortunate and socially admired geniuses. However, far from the stereotype, their brain divergence can cause them intense suffering.

Through first-person testimonies of gifted and talented children and youth, their parents, and experts, Out of the Box shows a very different reality that could leads to mental health problems, bullying, isolation, or school dropout. And, in most cases, to social incomprehension, concealment, and failure to adapt to the educational system. But, Out of the Box is also a story of resilience. A positive message that invites us to understand this reality from another perspective, fostering tolerance and respect for diversity.


Adv. Latin. meaning “not yet”. Referring to that which is “yet to” come.


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